Surf in Style!

If this is your first time using the internet or using a computer, don't panic! With a little practice, you will soon find it very easy to use! You can print this page (or any page) at any time by connecting your printer and clicking on the Print icon at the top of your screen.

Play It Safe:

The internet is full of valuable information. But along with the good, comes the bad. So, remember to play it safe!

Change to 800x600:

Most web sites are best viewed at a screen resolution of at least 800x600, and at least 256 colors. On the Macintosh, click and hold the Apple in the left upper corner, then select "Controls", then select "Monitor".  A new window will appear, and you can now select the resolution!  

In Microsoft Windows, these settings can be altered by right-clicking on your desktop, then selecting "Properties", and then "Settings". Make the appropriate changes, and then click "OK".


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