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Why do we pay Taxes?
Part of the money that we earn goes to the government.  The government uses our money to help build better roads, help pay for schools, help defend our country, and much more! 

Visit Tax Web Sites!

The IRS Education Site
The IRS web site  is the place to brush up on tax subjects ranging from small business seminars to state services in your area.

STAWRS Kids Page
The site includes an interactive game that allows you to start a business, make money, hire employees and pay taxes. The pages have three additional sections that provide education on the tax and wage related forms, the function of each of the related government agencies and some of the benefits of various taxes.

United States Treasury Education Sites
Learn about taxes and the agencies available to help you.


Need help 
with your taxes?

Save a trip to your local post office or library! Pick-up your tax forms from the IRS Web site.

Looking for an easy way to do your taxes? Browse the simple-to-use tax software.


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