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What is is a Web site dedicated to offering the best educational resources on the Internet all in one place!

AboutSchool has a firm commitment to your privacy! The little information we collect (like your internet service provider and the number of pages loaded) is only used to track traffic on site and can not be personally identifiable. This data will help us improve and expand the sections and content within our site.

Where do you get all those links?

The school and subject links are based on information collected from the schools, from other Internet sites, and from your contributions! We believe this information is true, but we make no guarantees concerning its accuracy. If you find information incorrect or inappropriate, please contact us.

Do you use Cookies?

Yes (and we also eat cookies).  In Internet terms,  "Cookies" are very small electronic files that are stored on your computer. These Cookies will ONLY be used to store three things (if you ever enter them):

1. Your First Name (so you can be called by your first name by "Professor Cooper"!)
2. Your Zip Code (so you can easily look-up your local weather, local TV stations, etc...)
3. Your Theme (so you can change the background)

These three pieces of information will never be collected from your computer (they will always just sit on your computer).  Feel free to delete your cookies at any time.

Will you send me "junk" e-mail?

NO! If any e-mails are sent to, we will only use the information your provide to respond directly to your request. We will not store your e-mail address.

How can I support

Send us your stories, suggestions, or any ideas on improving this site!

Or (similar to a church bulletin), you can help us pay our web site costs by sponsoring certain sections of the site.

How can I contact

Feel free to e-mail us!

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