Remember these Internet safety rules:

• Never give out your name, address, telephone number, password, school name, parent's name, or any other personal information.

• Never agree to meet face-to-face with someone you've met online.

• Never respond to messages that have bad words or seem scary or just weird.

• Never enter an area that charges for services without asking your parent first.

• Never send a picture of yourself to anyone without your parent's permission.

• Turn off your internet connection when you are not using it.

• If you receive threatening e-mails, save the offensive material and contact that user's Internet service provider and your local law enforcement agency.

• Don't visit Web Sites that write about violence, hatred, or display dirty pictures. Those types of Web Sites attract dangerous and mean people.

• Let your parents know immediately if you find something scary or threatening on the Internet.

The Internet is an interactive tool for communication for millions of people. Some of the people are friendly while others can be very dangerous.

Also, consider exploring the Internet with your friends and family. It is always more fun to share your experiences with others!

You may know more about the Internet than your parents... so teach them about how to use the Internet!

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