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Time to go back to school!

As you return to school this year, be sure you get your hands on some Back-to-School information guides from your local school. Generally, these guides outline important dates, school supply lists, any applicable fees, bus transportation schedules, class schedules and policies. If you need to enroll in school, be sure to contact your local school district.

Your school's web site may have some back-to-school information - find your local school using the's National School Directory


School Checklist:

Doctor Visit
School Supplies
School Calendar

Get ready for the first day

Returning to school is exciting and can be a hectic time. You may find it helpful to arrive 15 minutes early on your first day. You would have the opportunity to go through your new schedule of classes and to locate your classrooms. Many schools also offer lockers to store books and jackets which you may wish to organize before the day begins.

Get Your Books and Supplies Online!

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Don't Forget your Annual Check-up

Also, be sure to have your annual doctor visit before school starts. Some schools require forms to be completed by your family doctor and give it to our school nurse by September. If you have any health issues such as diabetes, asthma or seizures, etc. be sure to call the school's nurse to inform her of your condition and current treatment.

Would you like to learn more about the doctor visit? Visit's Pediatrician section.

Don't be Late to School!

As you prepare for school, keep in mind the importance of good attendance, good grades, and good citizenship. You will need both good grades and good citizenship to participate in many activities. By being prompt to school, you'll also be able to spend more time with friends and learn more about the world around you!

Sometimes, however, we get sick. If you are sick or it is necessary to be absent, your parent or guardian should call the school to give the reason for the absence. If there is no call, the student's absence is many times considered truant.

Don't fall behind in your schoolwork! If you are absent three or more days and are able to do homework, call the school and request assignments. Arrangements should be made with the school to pick up any needed materials.

Good luck and have fun!

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