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Below is a general guideline for the ages for attending a particular grade. However, these ages may vary for a wide variety of reasons, including school district and state regulations. Contact your local school district for the exact cut-off dates for children!

Infant: 0-1.5 years
Toddler: 1.5-3 years
Preschool: 3-4 years

Grade School: Kindergarten: 5 years
1st grade: 6 years
2nd grade: 7 years
3rd grade: 8 years
4th grade: 9 years
5th grade: 10 years
6th grade: 11 years
7th grade: 12 years
8th grade: 13 years

High School:
Freshman: 14 years
Sophomore: 15 years
Junior: 16 years
Senior: 17 years

Freshman: 18 years
Sophomore: 19 years
Junior: 20 years
Senior: 21 years

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