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Foreign Lanaguages

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Learn a Foreign Language!

Audio On Demand
Includes previously recorded international radio broadcasts that you can listen to by using Real Audio, free for downloading.

Foreign Languages for Travelers
A really fun site to peruse. Learn basic vocabulary like numbers, directions, and time of day in more than 35 languages. There are also foreign language dictionary links on this site.

The Human Languages Page
If it's spoken, you'll find it here. The site contains more than 1,900 pre-screened links to language lessons, translating dictionaries, literature and other linguistic resources for more than 100 languages.

Language Resources
Links to Chinese, English, French, Hawaiian, Japanese, Kiribati, Korean, Maori, Samoan, Spanish, Tahitian, and Tongan resource materials. This site also includes dictionaries, texts, video and software titles, and links.

Martindale's Reference Desk: Language Dictionaries
A wonderful source with links to many foreign language and multilingual dictionaries on the Web. They include everything from (alphabetically) Afrikaans to Welsh.

Use Word 2000 to Do Your French or Spanish Homework

Microsoft Word 2000 (a popular word processing program) automatically detects whether you are typing in English, French, or Spanish, and uses the appropriate spelling or grammar checker for that sentence.  This could be helpful when writing a story or essay in another language.

Did You Know?

No language uses all the available sounds. In their first five years or so, children develop the ability to discriminate the repertoire of sounds in their particular language. After this point, they begin losing the ability to even hear sounds not in their "language kit." That's why almost everyone who learns a second language as an adult speaks it with an accent.

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