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Remember Your Musical Notes!

Two easy mnemonics to remember your musical notes: 
very Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Need to Practice Your Guitar Chords?

Music on the Web:

Guitarre Spielen
These Guitar lessons will help you with everything from learning scales to tuning your guitar.


Red + Yellow = Orange

Yellow + Blue + = Green

Blue + Red =

Art on the Web:

Art Institute of Chicago
This is a wonderful museum which features art in many forms. The photos are wonderful and there are detailed history explanations to each of the exhibits.

One of the best sites for art and architecture.

Journal of Contemporary Art
A good site for older students who are learning how to critique and discuss art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
The site has an overview of the entire museum and offers great images and information.

The PartheNet
Extensive resources for art history students, including information and links to art and architecture from the Ancient Near East, Medieval times, Islam and Asia, the Renaissance, the Impressionists, and nineteenth-century America.

Voice of the Shuttle: Art and Art History Page
Links to many art history museums, galleries, artists and their works.

World Wide Art Resources
Contains more than 3,000 links to museums, galleries, and other art resources on the Web.


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